Peer Review Process

All manuscripts submitted to JGRS will be read and reviewed in a double-blind peer review by peer reviewers who are experts in their fields. Editors may assign Reviewers from JGRS peer reviewers, suggested Authors, other researchers, and/or other JGRS Editorial Members. Acceptance of a manuscript depends on the novelty of the research, the article's significance, the content's correctness, the degree of originality, the clarity of the description, and its suitability for the journal's objective.

Manuscripts can be accepted without revision, minor revision, major revision, or even rejected. The Editorial Board will decide to accept the manuscript following the reviewers' critical comments. The results of the articles reviewed by reviewers will be notified to the author via email. Authors are allowed to revise their articles based on suggestions from reviewers (and editors) no later than 6 weeks after the notification email.

Authors may suggest at least 3 potential reviewers to review their papers (please include the following information, e.g. title, name, institution, postage address, and email address). Authors can also suggest unwanted individuals/reviewers not to review their articles (maximum 3 researchers with reasonable explanations). Reviewers should have a Scopus-ID or Researcher-ID (Thomson Reuters) or be listed as the first author in this journal.

Reviewers from journals published by major publishers such as Elsevier or Springer can also be invited. However, they must come from a different institution to the author, preferably from a different country. Reviewers must not experience conflicts of interest involving authors or manuscripts. However, the editor is under no obligation to use the reviewers suggested by the authors.