Jurnal Geosains dan Remote Sensing, Geologi, Geofisika, Pengideraan Jauh, Eksplorasi Sumber Daya Alam (Migas, Mineral dan Batubara), Panas Bumi dan Mitigasi Bencana Geologi (Kegunungapian, Gempa dan Tsunami, Longsor, Subsiden

Jurnal Geosains dan Remote Sensing (JGRS) published six articles in the field of geoscience in this edition, including one on land cover models using the Cellular Automata Markov Chains method and three on disaster mitigation, namely landslides in Bogor Regency, earthquakes in Ambon, and groundwater vulnerability in Rembang. Then there's an article about geotourism in the Karst Region of Southeast Sulawesi and another about exploring hydrocarbons in the Central Sumatra Basin using petrophysical parameters. All of the articles we publish are available to all users worldwide (Open Access). Thank you to the entire team of authors who entrusted their scientific articles to JGRS for publication. We invite researchers to collaborate again by publishing scientific articles in the next edition of JGRS (Call for Paper).

Published: 2023-05-30